Bert Jan Reezigt/SWE

DVM, Swedish specialist in small animal diseases Blå Stjärnans Small Animal Referral Hospital, Göteborg

Bert Jan graduated from Utrecht University in 1997. His whole professional career he has been working in Sweden. The first years he was employed at Helsingborgs regional small animal specialty hospital. Since 2003 he works at Blå Stjärnans small animal specialty hospital in Gothenburg. He is a Swedish board certified specialist in small animal diseases. His main areas are ECC and internal medicine. For many years he was head of ICU and part of the management team at Blå Stjärnan. From 2006-2016 he was a member of the general board of EVECCS and working actively to promote ECC in Europe. Nowaday he works as a veterinarian specialized in ECC and he is consulting in internal medicine and ECC. He combines this clinical work with creating continuing education for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. He is founder and chair of the Nordic Small Animal Veterinary Conference and he leader of the Blue Star Academy. He speaks and lectures frequently visiting clinics in Sweden and Norway. Since 2014 he is doing his specialist training in internal medicine. During the last years he has been focusing on the use of Point Of Care ultrasound in veterinary emergency and critical care. Together with other specialists he tries to promote the use of this great tool in Scandinavia and Europe.

Bert Jan will speak on the topics of feline cholangitis and hepatic lipidosis. He will also train attendees in hepatic biopsying techniques at one of the conference workshops.