Scientific program Nordic Small Animal Veterinary Conference 2020

Every year the Nordic Small Animal Veterinary Conference or BSA Congress offers an extensive scientific program with high quality lectures and relevant practical training sessions. This year the theme will be "Gastrointestinal disease, liver and pancreas" and our international veterinary speakers will give lectures on topics like chronic enteropathy, gastrointestinal parasites, cobalamin and folate in GI disease, pancreatitis, hepatitis and much more. USA-based Ken Yagi will be the main speaker for the nursing program and this experienced speaker will share his knowledge on shock, anemia, bloodtransfusions, respiratory emergencies, RECOVER CPR and much more. Prior to the main program two drylabs will be organized: "RECOVER CPR rescuer certifier" and "Traditional and new surgical and biopsy techniques for the gastrointestinal tract, liver and pancreas".

Program Veterinarians BSA Congress 2020 

Program Veterinary technicians BSA Congress 2020 

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