Workshop I
med Roeland Wessels
Söndag 20 januari 08.30-12.30

Workshop beskrivning av Roeland Wessels: "Money issues: one of the most stressful topics for vets to talk about with their clients is money. Why is that? Money makes the practice you work for into a successful business. No need to be ashamed for that, because you put in long hours and tons of dedication, perseverance, compassion and care. Very valuable, so why is it so hard to turn it into real, monetary value? Why do we freeze, flight or fight when a client is asking for a price, or suggesting the practice is “too expensive”. This interactive workshop helps you to create self-confidence in your prices and tariffs and makes you relaxed in talking about money-issues.

Emotion and empathy: In today’s practice it’s all about making animals better, making people happy and making a living. So besides your EBVM-clinical competences, you also need social and commercial skills. One of the most important social skills nowadays is providing clients emotional quality and showing empathy when needed. These are quite intensive processes and could lead your ‘emotional battery running very low’, ending up in compassion fatigue, burn-out or even worse. In this workshop we investigate the ‘art of staying engaged’ and learn easy and practical ways to balance our personal and professional life."


Workshop II
Enhance your clinical reasoning skills - an interactive case-based workshop 
med Jill Maddison
Söndag 20 januari 08.30-12.30

Workshop beskrivning av Jill Maddison: "In  this  interactive  workshop  we  will  use  a  case  based  approach  to  enhance  your  clinical  reasoning  skills  as  well  as your  knowledge  base  and  understanding.  The  lectures  are  entirely  case  based  rather  than  subject  based  so  that  clinical  thinking  can  be  articulated  clearly  and  important  knowledge  relevant  to  the  case  presented  in an  appropriate  context. Each  case  discussion  will  cover  the  logical  approach  to  one  or  more  clinical  signs,  interpretation  of  relevant  clinical  pathology  and  other  diagnostic  aids  appropriate  to  the  case  and,  where  relevant,  management  options.  The  case  discussions will  be  interactive  with  opportunity  for  you  to  explore  particular  clinical  questions  of  interest." 


Workshop III
Lights, camera, action..... CUT! How to make anengaging e-learning video 
med Barbara Oakley
Söndag 20 januari 08.30-12.30

Workshop beskrivning av Barbara Oakley: "Have  you  ever  wanted  to  dive  into  the  e-Learning  movement?  E-Learning  is  amazing  as  it  allows  for  a  flexible  and  accessible  learning  environment.  Online  learning  collaborations,  lively  discussion  forums  and  virtual  simulations  can  create a  thriving  e-learning  community.  But  at  the  heart  of  e-Learning  lies  the  content  videos.  These  videos  can  make  or  break our  e-Learning  experience.  The  videos  must  be  energizing,  captivating  and  immersive.  They must  immediately  resonate  with  who  we  are  and  what  we  want  to  learn.  As  such,  a  truly  amazing  e-Learning  experience  starts  with  creating  mind-blowing  videos  that  translate  the  very  passion  we  all  feel  for  our  content matter. The  aim  of  this  workshop  is  simple:  we  will  help  you  make  your  own  engaging e-Learning  video.  This  is  a  hands-on  workshop  that  will  take  you  through  key aspects  of  the  creation  of  a  short  video  on  your  choice  of  topic.  Throughout  this  workshop  you  will  gain experience  on how  to  sketch  out  a  short  video,  the  software  and  hardware  needed  and  editing  power.    

We’ll  also  give  insight  into  what’s  happening  behind  the  scenes,  in  people’s  brains,  that  can  make  certain  features  of  video exceptionally  compelling  for  viewers.  So  what  are  you  waiting  for?  Join  our  e-Learning  movement!  To  join  this workshop,  bring  your  own  laptop,  and  download  the  Camtasia  30-day  free  trial"

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